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Upper Prior Lake, Lower Prior Lake – Which Way is Up?

A question often asked by newcomers to Prior Lake is:  “Why is Upper Prior Lake the southern part of the lake?  Shouldn’t that be Lower Prior Lake?”  It does seems that the lower part of the lake would in fact … Continue reading

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Divorce and the Homeowner

As if it isn’t bad enough when a divorce is looming, throw in the present state of the economy and the high number of homeowners who are underwater with their mortgages.  By now most people likely understand that underwater means … Continue reading

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How to Have A Very Bad Day in Prior Lake

It isn’t quite the season yet – for falling through the ice on the lake that is – but it isn’t very far away.  Every year without fail several vehicles will go through the ice.  Every year.  It’s not just … Continue reading

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Google’d Yourself Lately??

So I thought I’d take a break from Prior Lake real estate today and delve into something vitally important to everyone.  After all, not everyone is buying, selling, or even living in a house for that matter. For some random … Continue reading

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Latest Updates to the Blog

Here’s some recent feature updates, hot off the press:  added weather info from The Weather Channel; a news feed from the Prior Lake American; new links to school sports news, schedules, and scores; RSS feeds for the techie types that … Continue reading

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Should I Ask My Agent to Make A Video of My House?

As with many questions in real estate, there’s a simple answer.  That answer is:  it depends.  Actually, video is becoming more and more the norm these days as another tool for helping to sell homes especially in the mid to … Continue reading

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“I’m Waiting Until Spring to Sell”

That’s something we tend to hear all too often in the fall/winter months in Minnesota.  There’s lots of reasoning that goes along with it, such as “the market will be better in the spring”, or “I can get more for … Continue reading

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What To Do When Mold Becomes An Issue

10 Ways to Prevent Costly Mold Damage to Your Home Fixing mold damage is an expensive and time-consuming home repair. But you can save time and money by implementing these 10 ounces of prevention. Read Get Rid of Mold: DIY … Continue reading

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Property Taxes in Scott County – Up, Down, the Same???

Now that everyone should have received their latest assessments and proposed real estate taxes on their homes, I’m wondering what happened with everyone’s tax bills.  Did yours go up?  The answer is probably “Yes“.  But do you understand why that … Continue reading

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A 3.8 Percent “Sales Tax” on Your Home?

Apparently yet another email is circulating that says you’ll have to pay a 3.8% sales tax on the sale of your home after 2012.  That would result in some hefty taxes!  There is some truth to it however.  But not … Continue reading

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