Should I Ask My Agent to Make A Video of My House?

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As with many questions in real estate, there’s a simple answer.  That answer is:  it depends.  Actually, video is becoming more and more the norm these days as another tool for helping to sell homes especially in the mid to upper price brackets.  Video can show features that just can’t be represented very well with still photos.  They can also be used to show the area immediately around the home and the neighborhood in general.  Videos can be a tremendous time saver for home shoppers.  Unfortunately, there are good videos and there are very, very bad videos.  If you want to see some of each, just check out a few on YouTube.  All you have to do is enter a search for something like “homes for sale in [your area]” and you’ll see what I mean.

Many agents assume that if they need to do a video, they can just do it themselves and it will be good enough.  In some cases it definitely is.  There are agents who are articulate and photogenic and who just have a good sense for how to do videos.  On the other hand, there are agents who are not exactly ready for prime time television.  Those agents should NOT be trying to host their own videos with their spouse/friend or other equally untrained camera person operating their cell phone video camera, especially for a high end property.  There are plenty of hosts/hostesses and professional video crews that can be hired to produce a quality product.

So, yes, you probably do want your agent to do a video for you especially for more expensive properties.  Just be sure to ask how they’re going to do it.  And if they say they’re going to do it themselves, be sure you preview it before they publish it for all the world to see.


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