How to Have A Very Bad Day in Prior Lake


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It isn’t quite the season yet – for falling through the ice on the lake that is – but it isn’t very far away.  Every year without fail several vehicles will go through the ice.  Every year.  It’s not just trucks and cars either.  Snowmobiles are always included.  Not sure what it is about thin ice that seems to attract people but it always does.  There’s a bay just off highway 21 where the same person, every year, is out on the ice fishing almost as soon as there’s the first sign of ice.  I have no idea how thick the ice is when he ventures out but it can’t be very thick.  At least he doesn’t try driving his truck out there – not yet anyway.

Some areas are worse than others.  The ice is never safe under the Wagon Bridge.  It’s usually open water except for the very coldest part of the winter.  Another place to be wary of is where the railroad tracks were just northeast of Wagon Bridge.  I know, that’s sort of like telling someone to turn where the old oak tree used to be but it’s the best description I’ve got.  There are several other areas to avoid but I’m not even going to attempt to list them all.

The best way to avoid going through the ice is to not go on the ice!  If the lure of the ice is just so strong that you can’t avoid it, at least take a look at the DNR website and learn how to be safe.  Here’s what can happen if you don’t.


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