Who Says Open Houses Don’t Work?

"Open House"Edina Realty believes in open houses!  And according to the article below, open houses do help sell homes.  I’ve always believed that.  While the visitors to any particular open home may not buy that specific home, those same buyers may end up buying another home listed by your listing company.  Visitors to one of those other company listings may end up buying your home.  Also, the people who do visit the home may end up telling someone else about it who ends up buying it.

The article also tells us that it helps to utilize a real estate company with lots of agents.  Edina has over 2,100 agents!  So why is that good??  Because we talk with each other.  We network!  While I may not have a buyer for any particular home, there’s a good chance that one of our 2,100 agents might.  And yes, we do tour new listings each and every Tuesday after an office meeting in which we…NETWORK!  There really is an advantage.  It’s simple to understand.  An office with a low number of agents has a lower number of buyers that they’re working with.  An office with many agents is working with a large buyer pool.

Keep that in mind when you’re selecting a company and an agent to help sell your home and hopefully you’ll get results similar to the ones in the article!

The Secrets of Successful Sellers: Surprising Tips to Get Your House Sold Fast | KSTP TV – Minneapolis and St. Paul.


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Realtor with Edina Realty, Prior Lake, MN
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