Free Social Media lesson #34: Facebook business pages

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Free Social Media lesson #34:  Facebook business pages.  They’re not just for breakfast anymore.  If you have a business, you really should have a Facebook business page.  I’ve heard that Facebook will cancel your Facebook account for posting business ads on your personal page.  I don’t know if that’s really true or not but why take a chance?  I guess that’s sort of like the chances of the IRS doing an audit.  Odds are probably fairly low for being caught but you never know.  There are other benefits to having a business page as well so read on.

Facebook business pages are easy to set up.  If you don’t know how, or don’t have a geeky computer friend such as myself to show you, just click on Facebook Help (at the top of the page under the little arrow next to Home) then search for “create a page”.  Once you’ve got it set up, invite your friends to “Like” your new page.  Also easy. There’s a button for it right on your new business page.  You can invite only those that you think might benefit from your business page.  Usually that would be people in your area.  Somehow I don’t think my friends in California or Texas are too interested in an open house that I’m holding next Sunday.  With a business page, only the people who specifically want to see your business info will see it.  Also, you can tell the public about your business page without having to friend them on your personal page.  Anyone, whether you’ve friended them or not, can see your business page.  The best part is that you can limit your personal page to your friends and family.  Anything you post on your business page will automatically appear on your ‘friends’ personal pages if they’ve ‘Liked’ your business page.  Confused?  Try it, it’s pretty simple.  If you want to see mine as an example, just click on my name in the Facebook box on this page to the right – even better, click the “Like” button!


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Realtor with Edina Realty, Prior Lake, MN
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