Eye 35 (Both of Them) Get the BG Seal of Approval!

Getting mah eyes checked

So there are not one, but two, Eye 35’s?  And they’re both good?  And, you ask, just what is an Eye 35??

Well, as some of you have already figured out, when I find things that I really like they get the BG Seal of Approval and I like to let everyone know about it.  In this case I originally planned to tell you about the Eye 35 Eye Care clinic in Lakeville (http://www.eye35eyecare.com/) and yes, I do still intend to tell you about it because it’s absolutely wonderful.  But in the process of searching for internet info on them (as I do for everything in the world) I accidentally discovered yet another Eye 35 (http://www.eye35.com/) that is also worthy of mention.  So yes, there are two Eye 35’s and yes they’re both good!

Eye 35 Eye Care is a relatively new business in Lakeville located just west of I-35 (thus the name) on 185th Street.  It’s operated by doctors Scott Fontana O.D. and Sean Bell O.D. who have over 35 years combined experience in the vision care field.  Their facilities and equipment are state of the art.  They provide everything you’d expect from an eye care facility including frames, lenses, exams and even in-house Lasik surgery.  The thing that sets them apart, in my opinion, from most eye clinics is that they truly make you feel comfortable.  I go every year and unlike almost every other doctor type appointment that I must endure, I actually don’t mind this one at all.  If you’re in the market for an eye care clinic in the Lakeville/Prior Lake/Savage area, I’d highly recommend Eye 35.  They definitely qualify for the BG Seal of Approval!

Not to overlook the second Eye 35….I just happened to stumble across their website and found some incredibly beautiful photography!  Maybe it’s just me but I happen to like pretty much everything on their site.  To be honest, I don’t know much about them but I do know I like what they do and therefore I’m willing to award them with the BG Seal of Approval.  I’d recommend visiting their site (http://www.eye35.com) and checking out the pictures in their slideshow and gallery.

That’s it for today, I’m off to hold an open house.  Hope everyone is enjoying this unusually warm and sunny Minnesota weather!



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