In Case You’re Wondering…

I was recently asked why I sometimes write about things other than real estate in a primarily real estate website/blog.  Just yesterday I wrote an article about my favorite eye care clinic.  Sometimes I’ll add a video that’s totally unrelated to real estate.  Why, you ask???

Well, I happen to have a couple minutes before I head to the office so I thought I’d give you a quick and simple answer.  Basically it’s because real estate sites that talk about nothing but real estate are BORING!  Examples:  “come to my open house”, “look at the terrific new listing I’ve got”, “oooh, look at what I just sold”.  I’m a real estate agent and even I think that’s boring.  What must the non-agent think???  Be warned though, even I might say something like that once in a while.  Just not all the time!  Another huge reason for my non-real estate writings is this:  a house is a house is a house.  You can buy a house anywhere.  And they’re all pretty much the same.  They all have walls, floors, roofs, and most have yards.  What really sets them apart is the neighborhood they’re in.  If you love a house but hate the neighborhood you can always build that exact same house in a neighborhood you like.  So since neighborhoods are so important, it’s only fitting to talk about them.  The features of the neighborhood and the businesses in the neighborhood are important when deciding whether or not you like it.  So yes, I’ll be writing about businesses, parks, rivers, lakes, recreational activities, and pretty much anything else that has anything to do with a neighborhood.

As for non-real estate videos:  they’re fun and hopefully people will check in occasionally just to see what I’ve managed to stumble upon in my trek around the internet.

In summary, if you want all real estate, every day, every hour, you won’t have any trouble finding those sites.  If you want something a little more entertaining but yet still informative, come back here occasionally.   You’ll also get to know me, and you never know, you just might decide to look for a house while you’re here.


About Bob Gilbert, GRI

Realtor with Edina Realty, Prior Lake, MN
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