Shorts and Coats in Minnesota

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So yesterday morning I was sitting in one of my favorite local establishments, Edelweiss Bakery, enjoying coffee and preparing for the first of two early morning business meetings. I think I tend to schedule meetings there just to give me an excuse to partake in a pastry or two along with my coffee.  As I was getting my computer going, in comes someone who shall remain nameless, wearing something you’ll rarely see anywhere other than Minnesota – shorts with a coat.  Isn’t that sort of like putting ice in your hot coffee?  It’s both hot and cold???  Actually that’s fairly common attire here in the spring or fall and I must say, I’ve worn the same thing on more than one occasion.  And believe it or not, it’s quite comfortable.  One place you’ll see it quite a bit is at the golf course, especially early in the morning.  It tends to be cool in the morning but then warms up enough later to shed the jacket.  Looks funny, sounds funny, but hey, this is Minnesota and we do what we have to do to enjoy the brief nice weather that we get!

Golf Green Island

And speaking of the golf course……my favorite course, The Wilds, officially opened this past Wednesday.  They’ve been open four days now and I’ve only managed to play three times. Three times you say???  Well, similar to using the bakery meetings as an excuse to have pastries, I rationalize playing golf by saying that it’s business related.  Well it is!  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  There’s a heck of a lot of business conducted on the golf course.  I run into all sorts of prospective clients on the golf course.  I do – really.  I also justify it by saying that it’s good exercise.  Gives me a reason to avoid any really strenuous exercise like running or lifting weights.  I lift golf balls.  Good enough for me.

I’m off to prepare for tomorrow’s open house.  Hopefully the unusually nice weather will bring out the buyers!





About Bob Gilbert, GRI

Realtor with Edina Realty, Prior Lake, MN
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