Why Use An Agent to Buy A New House?

So you’re out looking for a house but there just doesn’t seem to be any gently used homes on the market that get your excitement level up.  What to do?  The obvious answer is to go looking at brand new, never occupied houses.  And yes, new houses are finally being built again.  There was a long dry spell for new homes but things are starting to pick up.  So, you ask, why should I use a real estate agent to help me find and buy a new house?  And…doesn’t the builder have a perfectly good agent sitting right there in the brand new house ready, willing, and able to sell it to me?  You betcha they do.  And yes, you can buy it from them without having an agent of your own.  But there are still several very good reasons for having your own agent.  When you sign an agreement with an agent to be your agent (generally known as a buyer’s rep agreement), that agent becomes your ‘fiduciary’ agent.  That’s legal-ese talk that means in simple terms they’re loyal to you, and to you only, in the negotiations for that new house.  They are committed to looking out for your best interests.  Also, good agents are familiar with all new construction in their market area and can help you find the perfect new house.  And the best part is:  it costs you absolutely nothing.  Builders are normally quite happy for you to bring in your own agent and will pay a normal buyers agent fee.  So you’re getting professional advice and assistance at no cost.  You just can’t get a better deal than that!


About Bob Gilbert, GRI

Realtor with Edina Realty, Prior Lake, MN
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One Response to Why Use An Agent to Buy A New House?

  1. stephlims says:

    Buyers of new homes should DEFINITELY have their own agent! We are usually able to get a much better deal on a new home than they can get by just walking in..and, as you pointed out, it costs nothing. Good post!

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