Rules of the Road – on the Lake

Paugash Boating

Every year it seems we get more and more boaters on the lake who aren’t aware of boating rules.  I just finished watching a video with Prior Lake city manager Frank Boyles talking with Scott County Deputy Todd Beck about his duties as a boating patrol deputy.  These are the guys that you’re glad to see if you’re in trouble and maybe not so glad to see if you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing.  I’ve been boating for 18 years and thought I knew most of the rules but after watching this video, I learned several things that I wasn’t aware of.  For instance, is it illegal to keep your pontoon’s docking lights on while you’re driving across the lake?  Some people think they’re actually headlights (they’re not).  I’ve always heard that it is illegal.  Nope – not illegal – but is is highly annoying to other boaters who are blinded by them.  Here’s one more:  did you know that if your boat is over 16 feet in length that you’re required to have a throwable floatation device?  I think most people do know that one.  But did you know that it can’t be stowed under a seat?  It must be out and readily accessible to be legal.  Didn’t know that one!  The video is a bit long (57 minutes) but it’s well worth your time to watch it if you’re a boater, especially on Prior Lake.  It might just keep you from getting a ticket this summer!

News from Inside City Hall


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