Would You Buy A House from This Guy?

No?  Would it be because he doesn’t look much like a real estate agent?  What if he happened to be your neighbor?  What if he was one of your friends?  Still no?  How about if he was a relative?  Maybe?  No?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly how many people do select their agent.  They pick them simply because someone is a neighbor, relative, or friend without any regard to their qualifications (or in this case, appearance!).  It might be because they happen to be a member of a group or club that they’re also in.  Maybe they go to their church.  But do any of those things really tell you whether or not they’re the right person to handle a transaction that is very likely the most expensive one you’ll ever do?  Not in my opinion!

Here’s what you should be looking for:  how much training have they had, what certifications/designations do they hold;  are they full-time;  how knowledgeable are they about current/past sales and prices;  how accessible are they; how will they market your property; what is their success rate; how trustworthy are they; what kind of company do they work for?

While you might think it’s nice to let the lady who does your hair, and who just happens to be a part-time real estate agent, sell your house you should still consider the questions above.  The sale of your home is far too important to leave it in the hands of just anyone.

By the way, the handsome fella above is actually Unknown Hinson, a phenomenal guitar player and hilarious comedian.   You can catch him on several YouTube videos but be forewarned, he can be a bit outspoken and sometimes explicit!


About Bob Gilbert, GRI

Realtor with Edina Realty, Prior Lake, MN
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