4 reasons your home isn’t selling | Inman News

The good news we’ve all been hearing about rising home prices has many sellers or potential sellers thinking their home has increased in value since last year.  Maybe it has – but then again, maybe it hasn’t!  When you hear that the median price of homes has increased 11.9%, don’t be too quick to think that your individual home has increased by 11.9%.   All it means is that the “median” home price has increased.  So what’s the median home price?  That means there are the same number of homes priced above that point as there are below that point.  The rise in median price could simply be because the houses that have been selling have been in a higher price range.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that home prices have actually gone up at all.  That said, here’s an excellent article on why overpricing your home isn’t a very good idea.

4 reasons your home isn’t selling | Inman News.


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