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New Condos Coming to St. Louis Park!

So a few days ago I was riding around St. Louis Park to see what was for sale.  Lo and behold, I saw a condo displayed on my phone’s version of the Multiple Listing Service.  According to the map, I … Continue reading

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Rocker restores historic Kittery, Maine home |

Two of my favorite things in one article:  music and houses.  Read on to learn about Daryl Hall’s  (of Hall & Oates) work restoring houses. Rocker restores historic Kittery, Maine home |

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18.45% for a 30 Year Mortgage?

With current interest rates running right around 3.5% or less for a conventional, fixed 30 year mortgage, it seems unthinkable that the rate could ever be anywhere near 18.45% but that’s exactly what it was in October 1981.  Had it … Continue reading

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What You Really Wish You Could Say

I thought I’d ramble a bit today rather than giving you more real estate info.  I know you want more, more, more but here’s something a little different.  Oh, and you’re probably wondering what a picture of Big Sur has … Continue reading

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The Most Expensive Home Sales in U.S. History

Just for a little fun today….it never hurts to dream:   The Most Expensive Home Sales in U.S. History courtesy of Forbes  

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What Every 1st Time Buyer Should Know

Actually there are many things a first-time buyer should know!  Mortgages have become complicated and finding the best deal isn’t always easy.  Searching for a home has become easier thanks to the internet but there are still many pitfalls that … Continue reading

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4 Options For Using Your Home Inspection Results

I always recommend that buyers get a home inspection done after submitting a purchase agreement.  So what options do you have if the inspector finds one or more things wrong with the house that you weren’t aware of?  This is … Continue reading

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