Answer Your (Business) Email!!!

Angry 6

OK, while it might appear based on the subject of today’s post that I’m a bit frustrated….you’re right!  So today is venting day for me!  Please don’t take this too seriously, but it will make me feel a bit better!  And it does apply to anyone in any kind of business so it just might be good to get the word out.

In my business as a REALTOR, I spend a fair amount of my time communicating via email with business associates.  It seems, however, that many of them don’t have the time or the courtesy to reply!  Therefore I have determined that it’s time to provide them with the following business email etiquette information:

Business eMail Etiquette

Angry 1Notice that one of the bullet points is to RESPOND PROMPTLY!  Grrrrrrrrr.  While you might think that just because you don’t personally know the person who sent you the email that you can simply delete it, better think again.  People tend not to forget those who don’t bother responding.  That very person whom you didn’t think was worthy of a response to their email might just be the person you need something from one day.  Think they’ll forget that you didn’t deem them worthy of a reply to their email?  I know I won’t.  I put you on a list.  And I check it twice.  (OK, so I’m just kidding about the list, but I will more than likely remember you!).

There now, I feel better.  So just remember, it really doesn’t take all that long to reply to someone who sends you a legitimate business email (not talking about spam – that stuff seriously needs to be deleted).  You just might be glad you did one of these days.  In any case, you’ll be more respected for it by your fellow business associates.

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Realtor with Edina Realty, Prior Lake, MN
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