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5 Questions to Ask When Buying A Lakeshore Home

    As you set out to buy a waterfront property, don’t forget to ask these specific questions. 1. Who manages the lake weed? Does the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) control the lake weed? If no, then ask the … Continue reading

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Minnesota DNR Lake Classifications

Has your Realtor ever given you a printout for a lakeshore home that shows the DNR lake classification and you had no idea what it meant?  Here’s an explanation of the lake classifications used by the DNR: Natural Enviroment lakes usually … Continue reading

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Zebra Mussels and Property Values

An interesting article on how the presence of zebra mussels affects property values around lakes.  And yes, zebra mussels were discovered in Prior Lake just a few years ago.  They haven’t been a big problem so far but they do … Continue reading

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Rules of the Road – on the Lake

Every year it seems we get more and more boaters on the lake who aren’t aware of boating rules.  I just finished watching a video with Prior Lake city manager Frank Boyles talking with Scott County Deputy Todd Beck about … Continue reading

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Upper Prior Lake, Lower Prior Lake – Which Way is Up?

A question often asked by newcomers to Prior Lake is:  “Why is Upper Prior Lake the southern part of the lake?  Shouldn’t that be Lower Prior Lake?”  It does seems that the lower part of the lake would in fact … Continue reading

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How to Have A Very Bad Day in Prior Lake

It isn’t quite the season yet – for falling through the ice on the lake that is – but it isn’t very far away.  Every year without fail several vehicles will go through the ice.  Every year.  It’s not just … Continue reading

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