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10 Reasons A Homebuyer Needs an Agent

Why do you need a real estate agent when buying a home? Because they can save you both time and money! Continue reading

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‘Boomerang Buyers’ Are Staging a Comeback

‘Boomerang Buyers’ Are Staging a Comeback.

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How “Not” to Set A Home’s Listing Price

I absolutely love to run across articles like this: How Not To Set the Listing Price of Your Home.  It’s well written, clear as a bell, and right to the point.  More importantly it conveys information that every home seller … Continue reading

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Is your listing a pinball?

It’s human nature for someone to think that their home is worth more than similar homes.  After all, it’s yours – you’ve maintained it, possibly expanded it, decorated it – it has to be better.  Unfortunately that leads some sellers … Continue reading

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Guide to Living in Prior Lake

Here’s a free guide courtesy of the City of Prior Lake, loaded with all the information you could want. Guide to Living in Prior Lake

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Zebra Mussels and Property Values

An interesting article on how the presence of zebra mussels affects property values around lakes.  And yes, zebra mussels were discovered in Prior Lake just a few years ago.  They haven’t been a big problem so far but they do … Continue reading

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$10 Special Assessment in Scott County

If you live in Scott County and take a close look at your property tax statement, you’ll see a special assessment for $10.  Every listing for homes for sale in Scott County will (or should) show that special assessment.  As … Continue reading

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Why Property Taxes Go Up or Down

Property taxes are a confusing subject for many people.  Why do they go up (and sometimes down)?  Why does the value of a property change and how is that value determined?  A big question is:  if my property value is … Continue reading

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How Landscaping Can Boost Home Values

Properly staging the interior of your home helps it sell but don’t forget about the outside.  You only get one chance to make a first impression to a potential buyer – and that first impression occurs before they ever get … Continue reading

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Separating Facts from Fluff: What Big Aggregators Still Aren’t Telling Agents/Brokers

If you’re really interested in some of the details behind why Edina decided to pull their listings from Realtor.com and other national aggregator sites, here’s a very good article that discusses several little known facts. Separating Facts from Fluff: What … Continue reading

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